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ongekile Simelane popularly known by her South African House music stage name Babes Wodumo made a revelation that she is just like ebony, not here in Ghana but in South Africa.


“I dress, sing and behave just like her, I was so much in love with her but its unfortunate her own “Ghanaians’ didn’t show her love, but here my people love me because this is who I am, and they love me for that, and so was ebony“, he said in an interview which was monitored by

The talented singer concluded that he pray Ghanaian’s find someone just like her.



hanaian popular rapper, Edem finally released cover art for his new project of featuring the big six artistes from Volta Region on one song for the purpose of promotion the brand of this talented lyrical upcoming artistes.

After Edem's challenge to the public to nominate six upcoming artistes to be signed on to this promo, Agbeshie, Keeny Ice, Hecta, JJ Gonami, Dimormi and Cano Z are the six vibrants selected out of equally good artiste based on strategic techniques by the VRMG Boss Edem.
Godo is expected to be in the public domain 7th of August, 2018. will contact the VRMG boss and the big Six to share their concerns and feelings towards this great work and project.


EMTSIKATA.COM has sighted a post between controversial ‘couple’, Shatta Wale and Michy, detailing how badly he wants to eat Michy all night.
Shatta Wale was the first to post on Snapchat that he was in dire need of Michy’s body, begging her to offer her body to him. Shatta Wale wrote: “Do you know when you drip, the taste alone makes me wanna eat you all night…can I have it again please…@lefan_dhurb”
About fifteen minutes after Wale’s post, Michy also wrote that until he is delivered from a condition he is suffering, she would never want to enjoy ‘bedmatics’ with Shatta Wale.

She revealed that Shatta Wale was suffering from a condition named “Community Dick Syndrome” (CDS), which he must be delivered from being she can offer him sex. Michy wrote: “But first, you need to be delivered from C.D.S (Community Dick Syndrome)..@everybdoy’s boo.”
Michy’s comment allegedly comes on the heel of Shatta Wale’s ‘adult’ video which hits the internet some time ago. In that video, Shatta Wale, and one of his SM Militants, Pope Skinny, had their ‘rods’ in the mouth of a slay queen.

They had reportedly gone to Nima to shoot a video for their song, Thunder Fire, when the incident occurred. Shatta Wale was said to have secretly apologized to Michy for the act, asking to be forgiven.

Later, another member of his SM Militants, Natty Lee, confessed to accidentally leaking the video. Therefore, Shatta Michy believes she is too clean to go to bed with Shatta Wale who, apparently, is not clean like her to keep his flap zipped-up.

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale’s relationship with Michy has suffered for some time now. They announced their breakup in April, however, they were announced to have reunited after two months.
But Michy in an earlier report by PEMTSIKATA.COM, debunked the claims of the reunion, stressing that she was still single. Shatta Wale had addressed Michy as “my wife” just recently, however, that alone is not enough for Michy.

Unconfirmed reports also suggest that she is expecting Shatta Wale to walk her down the aisle just like Sarkodie has done with his long-time baby mama, Tracy Sarkcess.
Michy reveals why Shatta Wale is not ‘healthy’ to engage in ‘bedmatics’ with her


he Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rufftown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang, better known as Bullet, has descended on Adom Fm’s Afia Pokua for disrespecting his artiste Wendy Shay.

In a Facebook post sighted by, the artiste manager questioned if the radio presenter’s criticism of his artiste meeting the president was out of envy or jealousy?.
He continued to question if his artiste, Wendy shay is not a Ghanaian or doesn’t have the right as a Ghanaian to visit the president.
He then described the presenter’s criticisms of his artiste as that of an old woman always wanting to bring down a young woman who is doing something good.

He posted;
“Afua pokuaa vim lady of adom FM,is it envy or jealousy?is Wendy shay not a Ghanaian and doesn’t she have the right as a Ghanaian to visit the president ?old women always want to bring young women who are doing something good down and it’s very sad.Do you want to tell me musicians are not qualified to visit the president?

Bullet’s reaction follows after Afia Pokua a few days ago had blasted Wendy Shay for dragging the name of Ghana’s president Nana Addo into disrepute by mentioning him in her single ‘uber driver’.

To Afia Pokua, Wendy Shay’s song mentioned the names of two former presidents, J.A Kufuor and John Mahama, as well as the sitting president’s Nana Addo whom we hold in high esteem and therefore, their names should have been given the needed respect.
In a recent interview, Wendy Shay had indicated that the purpose of her meeting with Akuffo-Adfo was to present her single (Uber Driver) to him.

She added that the president even endorsed it and described her as the new sensation artist.
Wendy had also described the president, Akuffo-Addo as the “The Chief Uber Driver” – meaning, he can’t stop staring at ladies ass in reference to the lyrics of the “Uber Driver” song.



amuel Okudzeto Ablakwa says what the country lacks now is an Independent Police Complaint Unit.

Member of Parliament for North Tongu constituency in the Volta Region, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has kicked against a proposal by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to make first degree the minimum qualification for recruitment into the Ghana Police Service.
According to him, such a proposal, if accepted, will see many young people especially those with senior high school certificates denied the opportunity of entering the police service.

“I will oppose that because young people need jobs. I think that SHS levels are okay and when you get in there is continuous capacity building and development,” the former Deputy Education Minister expressed Saturday, on Newsfile.
This point of view follows comments by the IGP, David Asante-Apeatu, suggesting that the Service may soon set first degree as the minimum qualification for recruitment into the service. 
This, he said, is part of the new strategies being discussed to cure the perceived lack of professionalism in the service.

His comment follows recent developments which have seen the Service making the headlines for the all the wrong reasons.



hanaian popular and controversial blogger, Pemtsikata condemn the action of the policeman as unethical and unprofessional but then demands arrest of all workers present at the scene including the one filming the actions. 

In an Interview, Pemtsikata reveals his reasons for the beating been a set up. "I have 5 questions for them to prove me wrong that the incident wasn't set up.
1. Why didn't they separate the policeman from beating the nursing mother?
2. Why did the man took away the baby from the mother?
3. Where were the tellers during the fight?

4. What did the manager tell the Policeman to influence that unprofessional and unethical behavior?
5. The one filming the action, is He/She a journalist? or the banking hall is a cinema or Casino? Would He/She continue to record them or Stop them from committing further crime? Unless I'm convinced there is no CCTV cameras in the banking hall.
They must all be fine due to their unpatriotic behavior towards handling of such an awful treatment to the lactating Mother.



eje’ hitmaker, Sista Afia in a latest interview with Happy FM’s DJ Adviser has revealed some male Ghanaian managers sleep with their female artists.

The BK Records act who is currently promoting her “Champion Atta” single talking about her quick rise in the music scene stated;

“People listen to my songs because they are promoted well and I believe it’s about promotion of songs in the end. When you release a song, you have to go out and promote it because the song won’t promote itself.

Sista Afia also discussed reasons why most female artists in Ghana struggled and pinned the blame on managers because she believes Ghanaian managers were not capable of managing the female talents.
“I think the management are part of the problem because most of them don’t know how to promote. Generally, the female musicians are not managed well. We the female acts are ready to showcase our talent so that we can win together as a team. But a lot of the work lies on the management.

“Some of the managers even sleep with their artists. I know some of these managers who sleep with their artists and it’s normal for them because they think, that’s how they can make things work. But I’m being managed by a married man and things are working fine.”



he untimely death of former Vice President of the Republic Papa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur sent shockwaves down the spines of all Ghanaians due to how it happened.

Ghanaians across the political divide wept their hearts out as a result of the death of the former Vice President who honestly served under President John Dramani Mahama for four years.
The former Veep is lying in state and hundreds of thousands of people have converged at the State House's forecourt filing past him. Even people from other political parties, including functionaries of the Akufo-Addo administration, have all thought it ideal to honour the late Vice President by mourning with his family and friends.

Conspicuously missing at the event is former President John Dramani. He is nowhere to be located at the burial service of the man who served him with dedication and devotion as he is being laid to rest today.
Impeccable information filtering in has it that while the late Veep is being prepared to embark on his final journey home, his 'master' the former President, is in Zimbabwe observing elections.

Tongues have started wagging, questioning why former President Mahama could not abstain from his observer mission in order to be able to pay his last respects to Papa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur. What baffles many Ghanaians is the fact that the date for the Veep's burial had been in the system days before the former President's trip to Zimbabwe.

This betrayal by the former President speaks volumes of the widely held belief that Papa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur was sidelined as the number two gentleman of the land under the erstwhile Mahama administration.
The former President is synonymous with marooning people who served under him. It could be recalled that Alhaji Bature's death occurred two days before the NDC held their Techiman unity walk, but that could not induce the former President and his team to postpone the walk but went on with their self-promotional unity walk to the detriment of the memory of the late Alhaji Bature.

Mourners are asking what crimes Amissah-Arthur committed against former President Mahama to be disrespected in such a manner.



polygamous man, who is unable to have an erection whenever he meets with his first wife, took his second wife to court, accusing her of bewitching him and the second wife has now been sentenced to 13 months in prison.

Godwishes Magarira of Makanda Village in Gutu, Zimbabwe, took Memory Shiri, 24, before Gutu resident Magistrate, Victor Mohadi. He pleaded with Magistrate Victor Mohamadi to punish Shiri for bewitching him and causing him to have erectile dysfunction whenever he's with his other wife.

The court heard that in 2016, Magarira approached Shiri and asked her why he fails to have an erection whenever he wants to have sex with the first wife and Shiri answered "ndakakusunga" which translates in English to mean, " I bewitched you".  Shiri then took a nappy pin and a needle which were tied together and untied them while Magarira was watching and she told him that she had sorted out the problem.

Magarira accused Shiri of boasting that she can control his sex life. Magarira also got a medical examination report to prove that he was having sexual problems.
Witchcraft is not allowed under the Zimbabwean law and Shiri has now been sentenced to 13 months in prison wholly suspended on condition that she perfoms 455 hours of community service.



hanaian female reggae and dancehall artiste, Akosua Kwakye, popularly known as AK Songstress, has revealed how ‘juju men’ consistently approach her.

Despite her efforts to ignore them, these ‘juju men’ seem not to give up on their attempt to lure her into their trade. “A lot of juju men chase me. Most of them reach out to me on Facebook and also personal encounters. They promise to make me more famous within a short time but I always turn them down. The Bible says we have the right to do many things but it is not all that fit us,” she disclosed in an interview with Moses Aluebasi (DJ Alligator) on Strom FM’s Midmorning Show in Sunyani.

“I believe it is all about time…and God has time for each and everyone. When your time comes, people will follow you even if you cough. There is no need for us to rush,” AK hopefully stated.
She admitted that most people (celebrities) use ‘juju’ in their respective fields.

“As they continue to approach us, some of them may fall for it. But for how long can that [juju] help you?” she queried, adding, “People are doing it…a lot of things happen in this industry.”

AK Songstress is promoting her latest album ‘Timeless’. According to her, it is available on all music distribution/digital platforms.
The ‘Timeless’ album consists of twelve (12) songs. She, therefore, urged people to listen to good songs, songs that are timeless.



gona Swedru rapper Size Zero has used unpleasant words to describe his colleague rapper Edem by saying he is an ugly human being.

The musician who happens to be Patapaa’s boy in an interaction in Swedru days back said the VRMG boss’ facial looks do not appeal to his sight and senses. He boldly made this assertion when he associated his enemy’s looks to that of Edem when giving a freestyle. When asked to explain his lyrics since it cast insults on the ‘Koene’ hitmaker, Size Zero said he was not denigrating the musician’s image but he told the truth from his lense.

Size Zero asked Zionfelix, the interviewer if he likes Edem’s looks which he replied “yes” but when the same question was thrown back to him, he replied “no”. Size Zero is a hip-hop artist who is best remembered for his song, “Where You Come From” which features Kwaw Kese and Remy.



he viral video trending on the social media involving the Policeman and the nursing mother in a fight must have a second view and investigation.

Despite the policeman was unprofessional in handling a case like that, the question everyone forgot to ask is "What actually resorted in the policeman beating the nursing mother?" 
From the video , it's obvious the woman was arrogant and resisting to take simple instructions.
If she wasn't arrogant why didn't she run with the baby but still insisting to fight the policeman back?

In her submission on UTV, she said "I wanted to bite the policeman that's why I didn't run away". Will biting solve her case?
I want our religious leaders to sit up!!! A lot will disagree with me, but those with that spiritual sight will attest, there is more to just the fight recorded.
If not that the woman was possessed then the policeman is not mentally upright.
What could influence the action of the policeman? Money, Power, Fear or Spiritually blindfolded?
CEO of Pemtsikata Multimedia Group Of Companies, continue and condemn the action of the policeman as unethical and unprofessional.



apper ”myra Stardomz” in an interview on the hangout show with mixtic on gentlemen radio was asked if she has any competitor in the rap game.
She said when she close her eyes she sees no competitor not even Eno, also she did mention that some of the male rappers are doing very well but pope skinny shouldn’t be added because his not her match this once in relation to his recent jabs on one media platform.

Myra believes she is good and does better rap than Pope Skinny and some other male rappers also she can overcome Eno who brags to be the best among the divas, it doesn’t matter what Pope Skinny or eno may think or say, but she Myra is just only letting the truth out. 

Myra is popularly known for featuring on Becca’s Hw3 song which she did a rap version. She also added she is the eye of the ”youngings” meaning she is a role model to many young kids and using her sensuality and body for media attention doesnt define her brand, therefore she urge her fellow lady acts not to do things that would not make them positive roles models.
when asked about her dating, she said there is a prince charming but may just be a fantasy man.
She finally hinted on preparing 2 releases which would be a double release for her fans and encourage all her fans to anticipate.



52-year-old woman, Amina Saeed, has been arrested by the Kasoa divisional police command for selling large quantities of drugs suspected to be Indian hemp at Kasoa Obom near the nurses quarters in the Awutu Senya East municipality of Central Region.

ACP David Agyeman Adjem told journalists the suspect was arrested during a swoop at Kasoa and its environs.



24-year-old sex worker has allegedly been stabbed to death by a patron at Bolakyi, a suburb of Prestea, in the Western Region.

The deceased, a foreigner and regular client of the suspect, has been identified as Kate Atigogo.Superintendent of Police Adjei Nimo, the Prestea District Commander, confirmed the incident to the Ghana News Agency (GNA). He said the suspect, an illegal miner and a native of Obuasi, in the Ashanti Region, was being held in custody.
The man reportedly drew a knife and stabbed the lady several times following a misunderstanding. She was rushed to the Prestea Government Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. The suspect fled after committing the crime, but the police managed to arrest him same day and he was now assisting in their investigations, Supt Nimo added.



p raising star Queen Haizel in an interview earlier today on the Hangout show with mixtic on Gentlemen Radio made it clear that she is planning to leave her current boyfriend to get more attention for her music and career,

She said boyfriends are ‘problem’ And her reason is when you have a boyfriend who always wants to know about what you are up to is always a problem and that’s it with her. 
Also she did stated that she stopped doing music for while due to her mother’s death during the atomic expulsion couple of months ago. 
But now she is back and back to stay so Ghanaian should watch out for her. She added that she will be releasing her new single with a classic video very soon.



elf acclaimed Rap God, Street Ace throw another shots in his latest Rap Music which he titled "Street Ace -Are You Going Hard OR You're Going Home" produced by Heynor.

Stream and Download the song bellow
 Street Ace -Are You Going Hard OR You're Going Home(Prod. By Heynor) [DOWNLOAD]



eethem Empire singer officially release his much anticipated banger duped "Be With You" featuring the Empire Boss, JJ Gonami.

Stream and Download the Song bellow here... 

Ultimate -Be With You ft JJ Gonami [DOWNLOAD]



even out of the eight suspected robbers, whose attack reportedly led to the death of a Police Officer with the SWAT Unit of the Ashanti Regional Police Command, have been gunned down.

The deceased officer, Lance Corporal Daniel Teiku, was on duty with his colleague, Lance Corporal Eric Nsiah, when eight masked men attacked the vehicle they were travelling in at Ayirebikrom near Manso Nkwanta on July 11.
The bodies of the seven persons have been dispatched to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital morgue. Police have postponed an intended press briefing on the incident to Wednesday, July 18, 2018.
The deceased officer was on duty with his colleague when the incident happened.

The two were on board a Sprinter Benz Bus with registration number AC-644-15 when eight masked men armed with AK 47 assault rifles and a pump action gun attacked the passengers at the outskirts of Ayirebikrom on Wednesday, July 11, 2018.
The two police officers were overpowered by the masked men and were shot alongside with other passengers on board.
The masked men seized the weapons belonging to the officers in the process. The officer was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Saint Martins Hospital at Agroyesum, while the other officer was treated and discharged.

Four other passengers who sustained injuries in the process are also responding to treatment.
Ashanti Regional Police Commander, DCOP Akwasi Mensah Duku, told Citi News that police upon intelligence proceeded to Dome-Beposo, a village near Manso Nkwanta and retrieved four AK 47 assault rifles including those seized from the police officers.

Police also retrieved one G3, an SMG assault rifle and a Pump-action gun.
Other items retrieved include seven boxes of ammunition with each containing 25 rounds, 88 pieces of AK 47 ammunition and some clothes.

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